La poire

The perfect pairing of fresh, fruity pear and unctuous cacao.

It's a little nod to our beloved conference pear and the expertise for which we are recognized in the world of chocolate.

The conference pear is an emblem of our country's agriculture. It is known and exported around the world for its delicate aroma and sweet, juicy flesh.
This recipe included roasted Madagascar cocoa beans.
These cocoa beans are considered among the best in the world, and make up only 0.4% of worldwide production, making them an exceptional, hand-crafted product.
Called "Criollo", they feature citrus flavors with fruity final notes that recall strawberries and raspberries.
With its minimal bitterness, this is a food-lover's bean.

To the nose: Fresh pear, dark chocolate, roasted, mirabelle plum, quince, strawberry, raspberry.

In the mouth: strong first impression, the sensation of the pear's freshness followed by the cocoa bean's unctuousity. Balanced mid-palate. Fresh almond with hints of cocoa, red berries.
Warm, unctuous finish with lovely freshness. Very long finish with notes of chocolate and slight cocoa bitterness.


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Ingredients: Guadeloupean rhum agricole (74.2%), conference pears (10.6%), sugar syrup, roasted Madagascar cocoa beans (3.6%).

30% vol / 70 cl

42.00 VAT incl. (excluding delivery costs of 6€) ! Delivery only in Belgium !