Composed of white agricultural rum from a Guadeloupean house, and accompanied by ripe Victoria pineapples from Mauritius, "L'ananas" offers you all its sweetness. Bourbon vanilla from Sambava (Madagascar) releases a whole range of tastes, like a magical spice. We add a homemade organic cane sugar syrup, the secret of which only Rhumantic we have, and you get this fresh drink with sweet and sugar-balanced flavours.

On the nose: fragrant, bewitching, initially revealing notes of pure vanilla that make you travel. This is followed by notes of mountain honey, papaya and nashi. The finish gives a pep on the acidity of pineapple and alcohol.

In the mouth: A frank attack, one discovers directly the warmth, roundness and power of vanilla and pineapple. Full and smooth mid-palate with notes of sweet spice and vanilla flower.


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Ingredients: Agricultural rum from Guadeloupe (74,2%), Victoria pineapple (14,2%), sugar syrup, bourbon vanilla.

30% vol / 70 cl

41.00 VAT incl. (excluding delivery costs of 6€) ! Delivery only in Belgium !